Kala Jewelry

"Kala Handmade with Love is handcrafted by Sarah Carbia in her studio in Ventura, California. Born and raised in the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico, she is a passionate surfer and finds great inspiration from nature and the ocean. This passion took her to College to the Hawaiian Islands. In the islands she attended the University of Hawaii at Manoa, where she learned the arts of small scale sculplture in metal.
 Sarah is a Jewelry Designer that loves to work with Silver, Gold, and Brass. She beautifies these metals with pearls, gemstones, shells and all kinds of fun and interesting findings.
Her Jewelry Line is named after her daughter.
 Kala Handmade With Love is made with high quality materials, that will add beauty to your body, and will last you throughout your journeys, so feel free to get your jewelry salty in the ocean or wet in the pool.
Enjoy custom made and one of a kind pieces of art made by hand for you with lots of love. 

Recycled metals are used In a lot of her designs."